Monday, January 27, 2014


Neige means snow, and we certainly got it! It literally snowed ALL day on Thursday. It was astounding! Thankfully we were mostly inside cleaning and cleaning and trying to get everything organized. Sr Bentley threw a snowball at me and good thing I already love her! When I found out I get to live with Sr Bentley again I was beyond thrilled :) She just got BACK to the mission... she went home because she was really sick and they found thyroid cancer. But she is all better and now sitting right next to me :) WITH her new sister that is from Ohio! What are the odds? 

Turns out Sr Bentley and I are the whitewashing specialists because literally that is all we have done our entire missions and not only that... but always into nasty elder apartments that we have to clean! I guess if that is my calling then I'll take it. 

We pretty much spent all this week wandering around the ville (walking because we can't buy full transport passes until the beginning of the month) and meeting members. I love them all so much... already! The city is nice :) Really old but I like that. I really do think I'll be happier once I don't have to carry a map everywhere! Plus creepy men always ask to help you when they see two girls in skirts holding a map. I prefer not to use them too much :) 

Thankfully we have already seen miracles. Members who have called us in moments of need and we could help them and contacting people that had been lost. Missionary work is a wonderful, wonderful thing and after 10 months (yes, I know) I have learned that it really is about love. ALL about love. Our love isn't perfect, but thankfully God's love is perfect and He can help us if we have the desire. 

I love you all :) Pray for us! 

Sr Loder

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