Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring in Provo

It's officially been over a month since winter semester ended and everyone went their separate ways. We were as far away as California to Ohio and that's a scary difference when you're used to being about a 2 minute walk from each other. Emily and I have a new ward and new people, which isn't bad, but it's a big change to make. 

In April, I got to go back to Ohio for Rolex and just visit for a while. Riding Dreamer for a week? Happiest week of my life. She's just as great as I remember and now... I'd do just about anything to get her to Utah. That's why I'm working double shifts at the MTC to save up and ship her here. YEP. 

The best place to be.

Since we've been pretty lonely around here in Provo, we've done a lot of traveling. We actually went to Boise and got to visit a friend and go to a mission farewell! It was great seeing them, especially because Emily and I are probably tired of seeing each other ALL the time. :) But after a while of being in Utah and being stuck in constant Provo traffic, it was nice to run away to Idaho for a while. 

Alex's farewell! 
The time finally came, though... and a bunch of my friends reported to the MTC. I work there and I get to see them LITERALLY every day, but it still makes me miss them. We don't get to be crazy BYU sophomores together. But I get to send lots of letters to crazy places and that in itself will be way fun! I'm pretty sure that by the time all my friends get into the MTC/on their missions I will single-handedly be keeping the postal system from going under. Yeah. But I miss them all terribly. 

Family video chats are the BEST.