Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rise and Shout!

So basically, the first week of BYU was amazing. 

I couldn't ask for better classes and professors. Plus I've already had some amazing opportunities come my way... and it's only the first week! I've also had a sinus infection and our back door kind of sliced my heel open, but that's okay. 

BYU beat Ole Miss! It was such a fun game! 

My roomies Jessica, Brealynn, Allyson, Andrea and Sarah.
The weekend was so amazing! Plus our FHE boys are so awesome. Instead of doing something in the evening, we decided to take our day off from school and make a big breakfast... in our jammies! So fun. 

Allyson, Brealynn, Dallin, Dallas, Derrick, me, Jared, Seth, Klay, Andrea, Sarah and Jess!

BYU just doesn't disappoint. Smile!