Monday, February 3, 2014


This week was such a weird week... the office elders drove down (up?) from Lyon and overhauled our apartment. We spent days... yes days, cleaning. Not just normal cleaning but deep cleaning. I felt like I was cleaning the nasty stuff at the MTC again. Especially as I pulled out the washer and oven and found grease, slime, HAIR, a spoon, bugs and shattered glass. I was literally almost sick. Point is, it is all gone now and we threw out all the nasty stuff and replaced it. The elders also bought us desks (four sisters, two desks, one chair... didn't work well) and we're feeling better. 

Our washer was broken and we had no dryer, and with four people in the apartment they prefer we have those so they told us they would be getting new ones, yay! Well yesterday afternoon the office calls and says they are on the way with a washer/dryer combo. Come to find out is literally a washer and dryer in one. Really convenient because we don't have much space! They hook it up, check it out and put my clothes in to try it out and they leave. Well, it literally starts spinning so hard that it is pulling out of the wall and pushing the oven and the whole apartment is rattling. OH MAN. So we unplugged it, deemed it a beast and it is untouched. The office will be back soon to check that out... 

Then I got sick. Yay! Haha, nothing serious. I think it just from traveling so much and stress and cleaning and... all that. I'm better now. We relaxed and got some stuff done inside. Apartment overhaul, plus sick, plus an exchange in Lyon... we literally got almost nothing done this week. It's crazy. I was so ready for the week to be over! Now we can get things done. 

We did find a sweet girl in our area book who wanted to meet with us again and she is wonderful :) I'm excited to keep working with her. She loves our beliefs but she got lost because she moved to another apartment building and the missionaries just... never saw her again. Good thing we checked! Last night we went to Lyon for a fireside with lots of missionaries and recent converts :) It was awesome! I used to go to things like that all the time in Ohio with the missionaries and now I get to be the missionary :) So wonderful. I loved it. 

We're happy here. Really sunny today! But still cold. I love the work, but I'm excited to actually do it this week. Even though we still have apartment troubles... it's fine. If that is my work then I'll accept it :) I hope you all have a great week! Sorry about the boring e-mail about my apartment. I'll make it better next week. Au revoir! 

Sr Loder 

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