Monday, January 13, 2014


I have to start with a disclaimer... words cannot accurately describe this miracle but I will do my best. Sometimes in the scriptures they say that words are not sufficient to write what happened and I feel almost the same way.

It started with this week. Full of nothing to do but knock on doors and contact people. We were feeling a little bit down. A little bit crazy but we are diligent and despite everything falling through we kept working because that is all we had to do.

Until Friday when we get a call from a woman who talked to a member of our ward and he directed her to us. We set a rdv and we were happy because miracle phone calls are always a good thing! The next morning we were with all the leaders in the ward and our bishop told us this woman had mentioned she pretty much wanted to be baptized. So we were wondering, is she a golden contact or is she maybe crazy? We were excited anyway. Maybe this would be the miracle we needed.

Within five minutes of the rdv we realize that not only is this a miracle... but maybe the most incredible thing I will ever experience. Nathalie is a single mother with her son, who is five. She told us she finally recognized that God was trying to guide her somewhere and she knows she had found the way. She has several friends who are Mormon and had some information from several years ago but had unfortunately lost it.

She found a number for our chapel on the church website and called it. She explained that the number she called apparently was a number that didn't work anymore... but somehow it went through and our member happened to be there to answer. Natalie can see the miracle that she is already. We had planned to teach an introductory lesson that basically explains what our purpose is as missionaries but as she told us her life story we realized that she needed more than that.

All her life she has been looking for something. She left her husband because he didn't let her or her son believe in God. But she did believe and she would not let anyone stop her from that. Despite her whole family not wanting her to pursue any religion she tried and everywhere she went she said that something was missing. She had prayed at the most difficult moment of her life and she said suddenly everything was lifted from her. She described to us this feeling she had after that prayer and the only other time she had felt that was with our church.

We taught her the Restoration. Why she had felt something was missing (because yes, something WAS missing) but that everything was restored and we have everything. The authority to do all the same things that Christ did and she knew, before we finished, that it was true. Natalie has been prepared her whole life to find us and there were were, worthy and available to show her what she has been looking for.

She agreed to be baptized February 8 although she is ready now. We knelt with her in prayer and her son (the cutest boy in the entire world and who loves Jesus with all his heart) asked what we were doing. She held him and looked at us with a smile and said, these sisters are here to help us find, finally, the right path.

Nathalie of course loved church. Every lesson and every testimony. Her son is the perfect Primary child and after the meetings we asked her what she though and she said...

Finally, I got my response.

I'm humbled to be part of this miracle. It could have come no other way. We wouldn't have found her or contacted her, but she found us. Heavenly Father has been leading her to us for her whole life and I cannot even believe I get to play a part in her story... and let me tell you, transfer calls are this Friday and I've never been more scared that I might leave.

This church is true. We have everything restored to us and now we can testify and help people find what they have been looking for. I love being a missionary.

We have a baptism this Friday. The first one in two years for Limoges... with another to follow in just a few weeks. Limoges is the place to be :)

I love you all!

Sr Loder

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