Monday, January 6, 2014


I promised an e-mail of miracles this week and I am pleased to say... I won't disappoint :)

First, our week was FULL of knocking on doors. Or ringing doorbells. The funny thing is that pretty much everyone in France has gates and stuff around their house, so we usually ring the doorbell outside the gate (so they can't yell at us for being on their property) and almost always an old lady opens a window on the second floor from 50 feet away and asks what we want. We shout that we are missionaries and of course she doesn't hear because she is 80 years old... and yeah. We are just tired of yelling at people. We have both pretty much lost our voices!

Okay, now I'll tell you about some miracles.

As we are porting, we receive a call from an unknown number (always an adventure) and it is a man named Pierre, who we do not remember. He said we talked to him once when he was busy, but he has our card and he asks if we are Mormon. I answer affirmatively and he says he is new to Limoges but had a neighbor in Paris that is a Mormon and he wants to learn more. We set a rdv and taught him and he ROCKS. Really excited to read the Book of Mormon and he has lots of questions. I DID remember him once I saw him, and he was a quick contact that said he wasn't interested but took our card anyway. It really does work :) He's quirky and fun so I'm excited to keep teaching him.

We proceed knocking on doors and within half an hour we find a family and TWO other people that are interested. What the heck! That NEVER happens! This family is unfortunately really hard to reach (maybe it will be easier after vacation) but they are awesome. Plus a family just moved into Limoges from Carcassonne so we get to teach them too yay! I love families!

This Sunday, a woman I have been working with since I got to Limoges, finally got cleared for baptism but has been putting off setting a date (even though she has been ready for months) and talked to us and the bishop on Sunday about setting a date mid-February. We were SUPER excited and she asked if the 15th was a Saturday, I looked at my planner and realized that is after the transfer... which kind of put everyone in a panic because I will more than likely get the boot. She was like, WE MUST DO IT SOONER and decided on January 18, right before the transfer end and this week we will be putting together her baptismal program :) I love her so much. She is scared to make this big decision, but I know as soon as she gets there she will never regret it.


Miracles are everywhere. The only reason miracles will cease is because of our unbelief and lack of faith. I love the work :)

Have a miraculous week!

Sr Loder

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