Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bonjour de...


Yeah, transfers got me again. I had hope that maybe I would get to stay another magical transfer in Limoges with my love, Sr Magleby but... it didn't happen. BUT I'm not one to complain about transfers because I like adventures. I think this might be a tough one! It started with 9 hours of trains and throwing my luggage on and off of them over and over. It's tiring to travel as a missionary. 

My new companion IS... Sr Cattin! She is on her third transfer and we are BOTH new here in St Etienne. Meaning that neither of us know the city or the buses or the members or pretty much anything. It's called a whitewash. I also did this in Nice AND Limoges so I'm not too worried. Mostly just tired. I hate not knowing my way around. I AM, however, really good with maps and things so it won't be a problem :) 

The work is doing well here. The biggest problem is the apartment. Sisters just moved in after who knows how long of elders and it is nasty. SO GROSS and pretty much nothing works. The fridge is bogus and there is weird stuff on the walls. Really the mission just needs to drop the apartment (they are working on getting rid of the low-quality apartments but sometimes you have to fight for it) but we'll see. We might just end up cleaning. A LOT. 

I'm happy though :) This last Saturday Sr Mag and I baptized! Limoges first baptism in about two years so the ward was really excited. Literally, it was the most wonderful and magical thing I have ever seen. Francine was so happy and content and her daughter even came (she was worried she wouldn't). The Spirit was so strong and everyone was so happy. Especially us. It was just beautiful. I'm sad to have left Limoges but I got to see Francine be baptized and start walking the path of the Gospel so I am just okay with that :) 

I miss Sr Mag. She and I were so close and really loved working together. Plus I love Limoges with ALL my heart so... transfers were a little difficult. I think I'll be happy here though. I love the mission. Plus this city has trams and I really like trams :) Haha, but really. There are people here who are looking for us so I'm excited to find them! 

Also, fun side note. This last week in Limoges I definitely cut 7 inches off my hair at a member's house. The elders were there too (for an FHE type thing) and one elder REALLY hates hair. And as sisters, our hair falls out a lot and somehow always gets on him. Haha, he hates it so much! Anyway, the member that cut my hair knew this and none of us saw but she grabbed a handful of my hair and put it in his coat pocket with his planner... we were all togther having a nice time when this elder goes to get his planner and literally screams HAHA we had no idea but the member just busts up laughing. It was seriously the funniest thing I have ever seen. I think the poor elder almost cried. So funny though. I love mission life. 

I love you all. Remember that God loves you too. 

:) Sr Loder

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