Monday, September 30, 2013


This has been an action packed week full of miracles and cockroaches and trains. Never a dull week!
We had a sweet family home evening with our ward mission leader and we ate TONS of crêpes and they were delicious. They are the funniest little family and their daughter is hilarious. We spent a lot of time talking about how babies and dogs aren't really that different. Maybe I won't be such a bad mom after all... I love dogs! Ha :)
So many miracles this week. We met some REALLY awesome people when we were out contacting. An inactive man talked to us at a bus stop and expressed how he wanted to return but he has to work every single Sunday. I was able to fix LOTS of rendez-vous with random people in our area book and we watched people just walk up to missionaries in Bordeaux and ask to learn more. Who says France isn't a good place for missionary work?
This week my bishop called and expressed his astonishment at my text message. He was like, did you write that? I said yes, scared that I had used a bad word or something and he went on for several minutes about how my French was perfect and how he thought it was his dad from another phone. We were talking about apartment stuff on Sunday so he probably doesn't think my French is perfect anymore but that's okay! Because it's not.
We did a lot of traveling this week and it was super miserable because I am... SICK. With something. My sinuses are going nuts and I have spent a lot of time sleeping this week. It isn't improving that much. Thursday we spent all day on the train and in Bordeaux for a meeting and I was so sick. I cannot remember the last time I was so miserable... I quite literally died in my bed that night when we finally got home. It isn't that bad anymore thank goodness!
This week has just been really tough. We haven't been able to buy bus passes yet because we have no money at the end of the month so we have been walking everywhere that we possibly can and we are just eating whatever we can find in the kitchen. Mostly we have a lot of oranges and like six bags of pasta. I think that should work out just fine. We've still had fun. I'm slowly teaching my companion how to behave in public. Some man sneezed twenty feet away from us and she shouted bless you at him... he gave us a dirty look when he walked past. Ha. We contacted this awesome guy too and at the end of our conversation... he stepped in. Bisous? SO CLOSE. I was like, uh... I can't... and it was really awkward. He probably feels worse though.
ANYWAY. Really successful week. We will be traveling pretty much all week this week... so we'll see how that goes. Also we will see if I have to go to a French doctor. Fingers crossed that it's NO but let's be real. I probably will. This church is so true. Miracles are real and the angels are working with us every day to find people who are ready to hear our message. I love being a missionary!
Je vous aime!
Sœur Loder

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