Monday, October 7, 2013

Bonjour bonjour!

I seriously cannot think of creative titles for my e-mails. I'll try and be better next week so then when people get my e-mail they will actually want to read them. 

This week was a huge growing week for my dear blue! I informed her that we would be teaching a recent convert family the Restoration (the very first lesson). I also informed her that she would be leading the lesson and she was nervous. BUT she did it! And minus leaving out a few major and important things (like Jesus Christ's ministry and the apostacy... ha), it was very good :) This week we're going to focus on talking to people on the street! Because people on the street are NOT as nice as recent convert families. They also talk faster. She'll get there :)

Unfortunately I was feeling really terrible again so I went to a pharmacy and told them that I think I have sinus troubles and they just handed me medicine. France is pretty cool that way! Most people bypass the doctor and just go into a pharmacy and ask... they'll give it to you. I think I'm mostly better but if I'm not all the way better soon I'll actually visit a doctor even though I don't want to. The good part is that since I had no desire to eat I sought out some soup and France has some pretty good soups! But they're all the cheap packet kind that aren't very filling. That's okay. The pastries make up for it. 

We've been contacting quite a bit and sometimes we meet really nice people (like a couple I had a thirty minute conversation with and taught the first lesson) and the guy who just laughed at me when I asked if he met the missionaries. I don't know why... but it kind of irritated me! So I was like, oh so you have? He just started walking away and I shouted after him, so you don't want to learn more?! and he was like, stop! So I was like, fine GOD LOVES YOU! He gave me a dirty look. But it's true. God loves him so I don't feel bad. Then another man touched my face gently when I asked him if he had met the missionaries and said, no no you are very cute but I really am not interested. ... Well. Okay. 

Zone conference was this weekend in Toulouse and it was SO GOOD. President informed us that he thinks we are holding ourselves back and asked us to stop it. I think I will take his counsel. The mission is really revamping how we go about things and I think it has a lot of potential to be super successful! I'm thrilled. I love the work. I love France. 

Then ACTUAL conference! I was really, really excited even though I couldn't see all of it because of time zones. It was so crazy to see the temple in Salt Lake and realize how far away I am when usually I'm just an hour away. I remembered leaving work at the MTC every day and literally staring straight at the Provo temple. Then realizing there isn't one here and how blessed we are over in the states. I'm so thankful for the insane amounts of things I learned this weekend from the Prophet and his apostles! How blessed we are to have their guidance today :) 

I love you all SO much! Enjoy your week!

Sœur Loder 

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