Monday, October 21, 2013


I think that is how you say hello in Czech :) You pronounce it like ahoy, so it's a really great word. Unfortunately I only know one Czech person and he is the one that taught it to me so I don't get to use it that often. 

Transfer calls this Friday... I better stay. That's all I have to say. 

So this week we spent pretty much all of our week traveling or in Bordeaux for exchanges and a district meeting. Bordeaux is nice and all but I'm hoping they center our district higher next transfer so we don't have to travel 3 hours one way for a district meeting. Exchanges were fun. Sœur Mata and I planned a really intense day and everything fell through and on top of that, it POURED all day long. Opposition in all things!

Here in Limoges there was a "manifestation" by the students at one of the schools in town. I can't think of the right word in English... maybe protest? But they were parading through the streets and a bunch of kids sat down in front of our bus. I got off and asked a nice police lady what was happening and she said some young girls got involved in something (didn't understand what that something was) and got expelled? And the students were protesting. Nothing extreme, just really inconvenient especially because we were already running late for a rendez-vous. Darn that freedom of speech! 

This weekend we sat down and literally called hundreds and hundreds of people that were listed as potential in our area book. ALL of them. The previous papers were destroyed and unorganized and scribbled all over... you could barely read them. So we called every person and re-wrote everything. It took about 10 hours total but we found some people to teach so I think it was a success! Except one guy who called back and said he didn't live in Limoges anymore. I offered to pass his number to the elders where he lived and he started talking about love and how he would drive the two and a half hours so I could teach him. I said no. He kept talking and wouldn't let me leave and I was irritated... so I hung up and passed his number anyway :) One of my good friends is serving in the city where this guy lives so he'll understand I'm sure. French men...

Aside from that, the weather has been beautiful! It had been really cold and rainy and I was worried Limoges just passed from summer to winter without fall:( ... but it came around this week and it has been so pleasant! The leaves are beautiful. The city workers have been removing all the flowers (most towns have a "ville fleurie," like a part of town with TONS of flowers) and putting up... CHRISTMAS decorations! I can't believe how soon it is. I volunteered our ward mission leader to have Thanksgiving dinner with us though. He really likes gravy and stuffing :) 

Really this week was slow. But I talked to a member in our ward (from England) who has 18 horses! They just love horses and I talked to her forever about them. So nice to talk to a horse person :) She wanted me to come out and visit and she found out that I do jumping! Turns out, she has a grandaughter (how do you spell that? I don't know) that doesn't come to church anymore and she wants me to come out, make friends, and teach a jumping lesson! Miracle. I am so excited! It's true that the Lord needs us for our unique skills and talents.

Anyway, this week has a lot of promise. Potentially we have a lesson with a large group of adventists this Friday night so I'm excited. Should be interesting. Never a dull moment. The Lord lives and He loves us :) Have a great week! 

Sœur Loder 

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