Monday, September 9, 2013


This week was pretty okay. Really crazy and went by really fast. We get transfer calls this week and we have no idea what will happen so send letters to Lyon, not Crozet. I'll get them soon enough. And also thanks to everyone who writes me! I love letters :)
I had exchanges in Lyon this week and Sœur Witt (my last companion in Nice) was there randomly so we got to work together for the night. Pretty neat! We had fun. We met a guy from New York that said he knew I was from Ohio because I had a bouncy Ohio twang. I don't know what that means, but cool! I met lots of really cool converts over there. I love meeting converts. The terrible part of the exchange was being in the mission office and seeing the transfer board. Each missionary has a picture and the ones going home sooner are at the top and the new ones are on the bottom. My picture was halfway up the board (it's also a terrible picture, so that didn't help). Oh man, where is the time going?
We had a fun district meeting too. Coming home on the train, Sœur Christensen and I met a really cool guy and we invited him to the end of our zone meeting. Well. He came! And I think he will probably get baptized but he lives in Lausanne, so the elders there will teach him. Coolest miracle. And on the bus we met an Italian man that speaks perfect English and laughs like a stereotypical French man. It was... awesome.
We've had so much fun talking to people lately. I like contacting. People are really funny but they are also my brothers and sisters so, basically contacting is the best! Our amie is doing well. She had dinner with one of our members who also smoked before she joined the church and now they are the best of friends :) I just love when that happens. I know she can stop smoking but it will be hard!
It has been a beautiful week in Gex and hopefully I can have another 6 weeks here but anything could happen. We'll see :) I love you all and have a great week!
Sœur Loder

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