Monday, September 23, 2013

Bonjour de Limoges!

I wonder how many times I will have to say hello from a different ville? Probably a lot. This week I was such a HOBO because honestly I was traveling around France for so long. I was in Chambéry and then Lyon and then Toulouse... and finally Limoges. We got off our four hour train ride (which was just after our other four hour train ride) and walked into the most beautiful train station I have EVER seen. Good first impression. 

The week was pretty good though! Wednesday night we went to Lyon and all the missionaries who were training arrived about the same time (5 sisters and 20 elders, approx) and the office elders took us to McDonalds and it rocked. I love not having to pay for my food :) Plus I got to see a bunch of missionaries that I love and missed. So wonderful. 

The next morning we went to a chapel in Lyon and had breakfast and then... got our blues! So what they do is give them a letter and they go up in front of everyone and read the name of their ville and trainer pretty much like a second mission call. None of the trainers know which blue is theirs so basically everyone is excited. So when a sister read LIMOGES I jumped out of my chair and hugged her :) 

My new blue is Sister Patrick! She is the funniest... I love her so much. She is 19 and from Florida and her dad is a mission president in Canada right now so that is pretty cool! She's been really chill through our crazy week so I'm thankful for that. We showed up to our new apartment with no instruction on anybody the previous Paris elders were teaching or anything about the ward. Nothing. Except a map with some marked bus stops. I maybe should have felt more panicked than I did but I've been rather calm :) 

Always an adventure. We were both sneezing like crazy and started inspecting a little closer and found SO much dust. So we spent a long time cleaning the apartment. We also found a cockroach... a baby one! Sister Patrick tried killing it with this thing of salt and it exploded all over the floor. Yep. Plus our showerhead has firehose water pressure so morning number one I pretty much unexpectedly hosed the entire bathroom (in France the showerheads aren't mounted so... yeah). But we're getting along and it's just peachy. 

Limoges is so cool! Really different from Nice and Gex. There aren't any mountains or ocean but it's a big city and I like it a lot! The buildings here are so beautiful I can hardly stand it. I love the history here... it's everywhere. I've seen a lot of blue porcelain and it is very pretty yes :) The ward is wonderful and they are SO excited to have sister missionaries! It has been 12 years that they have had elders so... they're pretty pumped. And I don't plan on disappointing them.

So I'm content :) I love being a missionary here in Limoges. I like my blue (she is passed out asleep right now, jet lag is a killer) :) I can't wait to get working with the ward and the people here. Most of them don't know the missionaries. Haaa. They will soon enough! 

I love you all, have a wonderful week :)

Sœur Loder 

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