Monday, September 16, 2013


The assistants called us this time because President was doing something important. I was pretty sure they couldn't surprise me... well. They did. 

Hi Sister Loder! Guess what?
... what?
Your transfer is the most exciting in the mission right now!

That was enough to scare me a little. So what happened is the Paris stake split and two new areas were added to our mission. So I'm going to open a place called Limoges into our mission and I know nothing about it except there is a river and they are famous for blue porcelain! And here's the other exciting news... I'm training a brand new missionary! 

When Elder Fox told be that I think my WHAT echoed through the small town of Gex. Yep. They got me. The other new ville is being opened by an elder that came out with me and he is training too. Should be fun :) So I'm currently in a place called Chambery for a few days until we go to Lyon to pick up our new missionaries. It has been a very exciting week! 

They also are replacing the sisters in Gex with elders so... we had to prepare the apartment for four new elders. Okay. I think hectic is maybe a better way to describe this week. There was so much to do I just found myself standing in the midst of luggage and not knowing what to do. On top of everything else. 

This week wasn't particuarly exciting. I did an exchange with a new sister who is actually from France... so they taught us some French expressions. She is learning English and we started talking in French. She told me she hopes to speak English as well as I speak French. What a great compliment! I don't necessarily believe her but it was nice anyway ;) She is super funny. I love it. 

It has also been really COLD! I just love it. I'm tired of the sun. I want to wear boots and jackets. Bring on fall in the north of France. Another sister in Gex was transferred to Toulon, right on the coast. She's pretty excited. 

Honestly I can't remember much else. We were able to go out and work a lot this week (until calls) and it was really nice. We did discover that we need a car because the buses just don't work. Sœur Roberts and I tried it out and the normally 15 minute drive from Thoiry to Ferney was an hour because the bus went all the way through Geneva. Yep. Well. At least now we know! 

I think this next transfer will be crazy but I think I'll learn a lot. I'm excited to see what Limoges is like! So look forward to next week when I can actually tell you :) Love you all! 

Sœur Loder 

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