Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello bonjour!

I was going to include Italien but I can't remember how to spell it... but I did contact someone this week and he spoke Italien. It wasn't a great contact but he was happy I could at least say the Church's name. He took the card. I'm sure he'll get baptized someday :) 

Hello again from beautiful Nice! My companion is Sœur Witt from Salt Lake City, Utah :) She's a gem and I love her! We get along like best friends already and we both are just passionate about the work so we're for sure expecting MIRACLES this transfer. It's going to be good. 

This week has been insane with transfers and then going to Lyon for Bleu's Conference. Basically they bring all the new missionaries back after their first transfer for a huge reunion. It was the absolute best to see everyone again! The crazy part is that Lyon public transport went crazy so long story short... everyone missed their trains to go home. And by everyone I mean like, 30 or more missionaries. So they were in a panic to get us new tickets and we had to stay another night... it was a long weekend. So crazy but I loved it. There's never a boring day as a missionary!

Since this week was mostly travel, not much has happened. So I'll keep it short and tell you some things I think are funny and awesome about France:

Right now they have tons and tons of fresh produce. There are markets everywhere and I'm just loving it! I pretty much live off cherries and nectarines and apples and also Freeze Pops. Yes France has those and they are perfect for those long, hot missionary days. 

Here they can't make H sounds very well. I tell people I'm from O'io. Ohio without the H sound. French people are so funny! They call me, "Sœur... Lo-DAIR." I love it. I love them. 

I often ask people how they are doing to start a conversation and most of them ask me why I want to know and I respond, why not? Generally they think it's weird and funny enough to let me talk to them :) French people are either really talkative or want nothing to do with you. 

The work is so good. I'm especially excited for our baptism this Friday! I just can't wait :) But just you wait for the rest of the miracles. They're coming! The Church is so true. I love you all! 

Sœur Loder 

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