Monday, June 24, 2013


Sorry my e-mail titles aren't creative at all. Plus I say that word one million times a day. Transfers! So I'm staying here in Nice, but my companion is moving to an area in Switzerland! So I'm receiving Sœur Witt from Bayonne, but she comes tonight so I don't know anything about her :) Sœur Bentley is also staying, but her companion is leaving and she is receiving a brand new missionary! ... but that brand new missionary doesn't have a visa yet so Sœur Bentley will be a trio with us for a few weeks. Cool stuff.

Elder Bria said he posted that I was staying in Nice. He's so funny. He said, "I knew you and Bentley were staying so I could have posted it last night." :) Elder Bria is a man of miracles! Think he'll ever read this? Ha.

Here in Nice it is HOT. Really hot. Picture Ohio July and that's what we got hit with this week. I'm pretty okay with it but my poor English companion is used to overcast so she was dying. Most of the missionaries in Nice are from Utah so they are not used to humidity AT ALL. So I get a good laugh from them complaining. But our apartment boils at night. Sœur Bentley and I are on top bunks and we have fans on chairs and I still wake up hotter than hot every night. I also take cold showers... because I want to. Welcome to France :)

I also found the perfect way to describe all our bus rides in Nice. Night bus in Harry Potter. It is... perfect. Even with them squeezing through traffic. It's the only logical explanation for how those buses fit through where they do.

I'm especially excited to stay because Xavier's baptism is July 5th! We made up the program and he is so excited. Still probably not as excited as me but, close. I'm actually singing Abide With Me with a member. He speaks English :) It's going to be really good! I just can't wait!

The aquarium in Monaco was pretty cool! We pet sharks! Which I've done before, but never in Monaco :) It was just like every other aquarium but the outside looked like a castle and everything was in French.

This week was Sœur Hoar's birthday and we managed to surprise her three times. Wow we were so crafty! Fake phone calls and splits, all to get her to pizza hut and that's what she wanted in the first place! Yes they have pizza hut here. Also KFC. I know, right?

This week was full of talking to people and teaching. Just like it should be :) It's really hard this time of year because most of the people we talk to are tourists and all the French people leave... so it's been tough. But you just never know what you'll get when you walk up to someone on the street :) Just like a box of chocolates.

I just love it here. It's hard work but I expected that! It's a great feeling to know you're doing just what you're supposed to. The church is true! I love and miss you all!

Sœur Loder

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