Monday, June 10, 2013

Oui âllo?

Hello everyone. What an exciting week this has been... in that we have learned a lot of really great lessons but in the hard way.

First off, if you send letters to Nice, be sure to put my name somewhere on the envelope so if I leave the office can find me and get it to me. I would hate for any of your precious mail to go missing!

En tout ca:

So our ami is Xavier. He is incredible! He accepted a baptismal date of Juin 29 and is progressing so well! He loves church and reading and prays all the time and the ward loves him. It's quite the miracle and I'm excited for the Gospel to change his life. :)

We set a lot of finding goals this week because this is still a new companionship with no amis... but this week was rough. People didn't want to talk to us and our books were not getting placed! Then one day we barely tried because we were so bummed about the week and how many appointments had fallen through. Heavenly Father said, fine! If you won't try, I'll give them to you. Literally we had two people ask us for a Book of Mormon. As we learned how good Heavenly Father is to us even though we were being unprofitable servants (scripture joke), my English companion correctly said, "We're rubbish." We are going to work much harder this week :)

I'm learning primary songs! In French. So someday I'll come home and only know the songs in French... what a weird problem to have.

This week we went to Aix en Provence and did exchanges with some other sisters. It was fun and Aix is beautiful! France is beautiful. But we talked to so many people and taught some lessons. It was really the confidence boost I needed to start this new week. I love exchanges! We're going back to Aix this week for a conference... good thing I like train rides!

We had an Ohio style storm yesterday. It poured down rain and there was crazy lightning and the lights flickered. It's good to know France isn't too foreign. We also have KFC so somedays I feel right at home :) Ha.

Oh, the Tour de France is coming up right? There are signs everywhere and apparently it is coming through Masséna square! Where we go all the time and live right next to...look it up! It's a cool place. We might "stop by" like we did with the Grand Prix.

Well, it's about time to go again. I love you all and I love the Lord! He is so good to us. Never forget He is always there. I know that's true.

À plus!
Sœur Loder

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