Monday, June 17, 2013

Bonjour Bonjour!

Basically every time I start an e-mail I think the same thing: what a week! It seriously has been crazy but I realise that's just mission life and I think I'm okay with it :)

So this week we had zone conference. So basically tons of missionaries all coming together and Elder Kent Richards spoke to us. Really, really good! But the trip itself was the crazy part. We took a train all the way to Manosque (an hour past where the conference was in Aix) the day before the actual conference and stayed in an apartment... with fourteen sisters. No joke. We started showering at seven pm and barely finished and then getting ready in the morning? Impossible. The ironic thing is they told us we had to look our best. So we took a train BACK to Aix and had our conference. Which I loved. Then went back to Nice. Home sweet home :)

We travel a ton here. So many train tickets! We usually have to go pretty far so we often take TGVs which are awesome! They're super fast. I remember we were standing on the deck waiting for our train and one passed full speed and I was amazed! I just love trains, especially those ones. France is hilarious though because they have train strikes all the time but they are pre-planned and they kindly inform the public of the dates it starts and ends. Thankfully the last one ended this weekend because we're going to an aquarium in Monaco for p-day.

Really weird situation. The elders told us the bishop wanted us to pass Xavier, our sweet sweet ami, to them because we're sisters and everything and we were heartbroken. He is wonderful and really progressing and being converted. So we spent a few days being really sad and not understanding the reason when the senior couple called and told us that they told us wrong... that the bishop suggested passing him but it was up to us and the mission president. So we called President up and he agreed that we should continue teaching him. I've never felt such great joy! We are moving his baptismal date to a week later because most of the ward will be gone in Marseille the weekend we planned. But it's okay! I'm just praying fervently that it is Heavenly Father's will that I stay in Nice for at least one more transfer :)

It has been fun as we work hard to find people. We're talking to so many people every day and you meet tons of really awesome people and kind people and weird people... but I like it. When you're going up to people you really never know what you're going to get! It might not even be French! If you're lucky, it's English :) Haha. But we've had a good time this week.

We had a rough week but it really turned around. We have seen so many miracles and if you're willing to let go of all the scary and awful things that happened and recognize the miracles, you start to see how your outlook changes. You search for miracles instead of dwelling on negative things that happened. The mean lady. The creepy man. Eventually you can just laugh :) This week really has been great though. I can't believe my first transfer is all over and suddenly I'm the one dreading the transfer calls! Friday morning is when they come. I guess we're getting a huge shipment of missionaries again so we'll see what happens!

Oh. I just love you all! I'm excited for Laura to get to the MTC and Allyson to go to Cape Verde and all the mission calls! What a time we live in. The work is really moving forward.

I love being a missionary :)

Sœur Loder

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