Monday, June 3, 2013

Pas de problème avec des anges!

What a wonderful week in so many ways. I'm just having a blast trying to learn to be a missionary in Nice. Translate that subject line. It's our motto these days because we have seen so many miracles. Nous attendons les miracles!

Where to start?

Last week we decided to go out and try to work but we had no time before we had to be home, but we decided to go anyway. Then we missed the bus we needed to we started walking to the tram. These two girls come up and are like, do you speak English?! They were trying to find the tram and nobody could help them. They were two Polish girls studying in Italy that came over to Nice for vacation. We talked to them forever! They were wonderful and were interested in what we were doing and the Book of Mormon.

I've started talking to people on my own now. Yikes! It's really hard because I still can't fully understand everyone. This one guy comes up and I'm like, monsieur! How are you? He was so confused. Turns out he is from Cape Verde and speaks mostly Portuguese so it was really awkward. He ended up walking away and wouldn't take my card, but I'm taking it as a little victory :)

One day we were out talking to people to recruit for an English class we're doing here and there is a guy on his phone forever. He finally gets off and I run over and say hello! I was actually able to talk to him forever and he really wanted to learn English! He was also really intested in learning about our church, because he has been searching. Miracle? Just wait. He comes to our rendez-vous and accepted all our commitments immediately and is just so into it. Miracle!

But there's more. He comes to church and stays all three hours, for a picnic with the young adults AND a fireside... and he loved every second. He was so excited and as he was leaving he told us in his broken English that he is going to read the Book of Mormon tonight. Yes! This morning he texted us and thanked us for bringing him closer to Heavenly Father and that he prayed that we will be blessed. This is really what missionary work is really about.

Funny part, our wonderful new ami brings a friend to church... and he caused some trouble. He was arguing first hour and then second hour he is reading in our manuel during the lesson and finds a chapter on Adam and Eve and starts taking pictures with his phone. I'm like, something is about to go down! He stands up and starts yelling at people and won't let anyone talk... and I have no idea what he was saying but he ended up storming out and slamming the door. Uh, what? Weird day at Nice ward.

We also got trapped between an entry gate and a building. We literally couldn't find a button to get out. What in the world? Eventually we used my pocket mirror to reach around and push the code in from the opposite side... call us secret agents. The weird things that happen to you as missionaries are the best. My journal would probably make a great novel someday.

But really. There have been so many miracles. The work is expanding so much here in Nice! People really are prepared to find us and I'm happy to be working to find them. The church is so true! Vraiment! Dieu nous aime beaucoup et Il a preparé les élus. Nous devons chercher et travailler, mais l'œuvre missionnaire est vrai! J'aime France et tous les gens ici. Je vous aime aussi!

Sœur Loder

Another miracle: I just love the food here and I eat it all, but I have definitely lost weight :) Hopefully I can keep that up.

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