Monday, May 27, 2013

Bonjour à tous!

First off, Leah happy birthday! I didn't forget :)

What a week in France! I try to keep notes of what I could possibly say but I can't even try to tell you how beautiful it is (and in some cases how sketchy it is) but I love every second!

I'm very grateful to have two other brand new missionaries here in Nice with me so when we're in a meeting and I don't understand anything that is going on, I look at them and realize... they feel the same :) Haha, every day is an adventure but expecially when nobody around you speaks the language you speak. #bleuprobs

Hancocks! Thank you so much for the package! Oh my word I was so surprised and thankful. The candy really helps keep me awake at every second of every day. So thank you again :)

We were lucky to have lunch with a member and had my first real experience with French meals... delicious cheese included. It was heaven! But the desserts here are still my favorite part. Every store just... lures you in. Especially one in Beausoleil! They had a French Spongebob... Bob l'éponge (Bob the sponge), so I felt right at home.

So we decided early in the week to travel to Beausoleil and work there all day. It's a long travel but so worth it. Look this place up! I want to live there forever and ever. Beausoleil means "beautiful sun" and their sidewalks have suns on them and the people are so kind! And they speak slower! :) But here is the cool part... it was Thursday. And we had to walk through Monaco (yes, it only took about 10 minutes) and it was GRAND PRIX DAY. What? Oh blessed day, I could hear the cars and even see a few from the train station. I was in Monaco during the Grand Prix :)

Since this is a new companionship in Nice and both of us are brand new... we don't have much to do. Lots of getting organized and finding our way around and talking to people on the street and visiting members! There is a woman we went to visit in Vence and the bus ride was about an hour and a half. But we drove all along the coast and then up into the mountains. It was amazing. If you think Utah is nice, come to southern France.

The buses here are rough. I'm surprised I haven't taken out some random stranger as these buses are flying around turns like the grand prix (nice reference, right?). I get motion sick pretty often but I'm getting nice and toned from having a warrior stance and holding on for dear life as soon as the doors close.

The primary kids here are so sweet. We got to help out with music yesterday... but nothing makes you feel more like a convert/bleu than these bilingual kids singing primary songs. I felt like apologizing to each of them for not knowing French or how to sing the primary songs.

I'm so blessed to be here as a missionary. There is one lady we found and we were able to teach. After my companion filled me in on the entire lesson, I realized how amazing she is! We told her the family is eternal and she stopped and said, "I really hope that's true," and it felt so good to be able to say, "I know it is." She has lost two children. She recently stopped talking to us but we won't give up because we know the Gospel will bless her life in every way.

I'm so thankful for this Gospel and the opportunity I have to teach the people here. Life is good and I'm happy to be here :) I love all of you!

Sœur Loder 

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