Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello from NICE!

France is just about everything I expected. :) Just a warning, the keyboard is slightly different so I might make weird little mistakes :)

So much to write! This last week has been quite the adventure! Let me start with this. My address in Nice! You have to address it exactly this way, NOT with my name, or it won't get to me.

Les Missionnaires
143 Bd de Cessole
06000 Nice

Our plane ride was insane! We had so many missionaries on the same flight that we were backed up all three legs of our flight. Some luggage didn't make it out of SLC but luckily only one of mine got left in London. So we spent 3 days in Lyon around the mission office getting legal things done and also interviews. They fed us all this really delicious stuff (yes the bread really is as good as they say) and then Thursday came! It was like opening a mission call, but we were receiving our assignments and trainers. Really cool!

So yeah, I'm in Nice! It is on the southern coast and Monaco is in our area. The grand prix is coming up and we will be around that day. Cool :) Nice is pretty much paradise! If you Google Nice I am almost positive that those pictures will be accurate :) We came here by train from Lyon and it was really beautiful!

Our apartment is quaint and very... French. My companion is Soeur Hoar and she is 100% from England! She hasn't been out long but she is great at French so I really admire her :) We live with two other sisters and one of them is also new so we knew each other at the MTC! There are also two other sets of elders here and a senior couple... but we'll get to that in a bit!

Our first night here we went to a baptism. Neat! The ward here is amazing! They are so kind and patient and they love the missionaries! There really was no better place to be trained :) New missionaries here are called blues. I am a blue :) Wonderful. That basically means I cannot talk to anyone because I would never understand what they say back #blueprobs

Here are some fun things about France: padiddle is universal and I play often here (I'll still be a professional in 18 months). There are pretty much no driving rules. Drive wherever park wherever. As long as the crazy buses fit, do what you want. Same for pedestrian traffic. Bread smells are everywhere so you are always hungry. Always.

The bishop in our ward is amazing. There were only a few missionaries here before but they added four more. After all the new missionaries stood and bore testimony in French (yes, I did this and it was awesome!) the bishop basically stood and said this (in French): "The Lord has sent us 10 missionaries. We are being prepared... and we are ready." Whoa! So cool. He really asked everyone to step up and be missionaries so, we will have a lot of work to do! Our companionship is new in Nice so we barely have any people to teach. But this mission was blessed and promised that there would be miracles, and I have seen it already :) We have one awesome amie on date for baptism on June 15! Exciting! Her dad is a Michigan fan and he said I couldn't come in! Hah! What are the odds of finding that here in France.

I don't have a lot of time left but I hope you are all doing well! France is really awesome and it is treating me well :) Keep in touch. The church is true! Love you all.

Soeur Loder

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