Monday, July 15, 2013

Bonjour Bonjour

Hello dear friends and happy birthday to Paul :) 

We had quite the week. It's been so incredibly exhausting because of the heat but that's okay. Somehow July is half over! Time flies when you're preaching the Gospel. 

Lyon has seen miracles. Each week we receive the list of people with a baptismal date and these last few weeks, the size of the list has doubled. DOUBLED! It's incredible to see how many people are prepared to meet the missionaries. 

We had a lot of lessons fall through this week and we barely taught at all! It was still good. We have been able to organize the apartment and talk to tons and tons of people. We meet lots of mean people, but the nice ones make up for it :) Even though nothing big happened, I still felt like it was a really good week. Jared's e-mail talked about looking for the little things because out here, there aren't really tons of baptisms or anything. It's so true. My eyes have been opened to how many good things happen here in France despite the work being a little slow :) 

This week we had an interesting experience. A guy we had seen around was spotted again in the cute little alleys of Nice. Was it creepy or is he an elect trying to tell us he wants to be baptized? Well, probably creepy. We talked with him for a bit before excusing ourselves for a "rendez-vous" but he showed up at church. No good! The elders helped us out because he clearly wasn't there for Jesus... and turns out he considers his mission to be the opposite of ours. Going and destroying the faith of Christians. Yeah... I hope we don't see him around anymore. 

Other than that, we have worked with the members a lot and I just love them more and more. I have a talk this Sunday and they have been helping me translate into French. Most of them are converts so I've gotten to hear lots of great and inspiring stories! I love it. Being able to speak French really helps too. 

I love all of you! I like hearing all the random details of your lives. Send pictures, send anything :) 

The church is true. We have a Savior and He loves us. Don't forget that!

Sœur Loder 

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