Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello again. Just a warning, I forgot my card reader so no pictures this week. I'm pretty disappointed in myself because this week I had pictures of Xavier's baptism and Tour de France! Bummer. But now you can all look forward to next week! 

RACHEL HAS A MISSION CALL! Oh I'm so pleased :) Denver is a cool place. Lucky girl! 

So yes. We had the opportunity to attend the Tour de France! They had a huge festival type thing going on down by the coast. It was super fun and crazy but I loved it. We saw two or three teams come by so that was awesome! I just cannot believe I was in Nice for the Tour de France. 

Crazy week! President Roney called our phone and asked to talk to Sœur Bentley to tell her her new missionary finally had her visa so we were excited! Then President tells her that she is moving somewhere by Toulouse and will be taking her bleu with her... so now Sœur Witt and I have Sœur Young! Really, I wonder how things could get any stranger in the mission field but I'm not going to tempt President. 

Here in France, instead of having sales whenever... everyone does a huge sale for 4 or 5 weeks called Soldes. Pretty much everything goes on crazy sale and keeps getting better and better! Why doesn't America do that? I'd like it a lot better! But Nice is crazy with tourists because of it... really hard to talk to people. It's always an adventure though. You have to love it. 

I should explain my subject line. President knows we're a bunch of miracle workers here so he has high goals for us. At a conference he explained that he wants our mission to have 50 baptisms in the month of July... a goal that has not been accomplished in many years. Is it impossible, he asked us? Then he quoted Mark Twain, "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it anyway." :) Our zone is really close and we're all hardworkers! The zone leaders (they are in Nice too) have come up with our little reminder. #baptize50 ... and we will! Speaking of which... 

XAVIER IS BAPTIZED! I cannot describe the smallest part of how I feel! The service was incredible. The talks were spiritual, the baptism even better! Tahiana and I sang an arrangement of Abide With Me in English. He and I rocked it! I've received compliments several days later thanking me for having the voice of an angel. Our ward is too kind! Xavier's dad was able to come and he was such a nice man. Yesterday Xavier was confirmed and I cried. I'm not ashamed either. The change in him is incredible. You can just feel his spirit. The bishop gave him some scriptures and he told me after church how excited he is to share his old Book of Mormon with others who want to learn about the church. Isn't he super? :) I think the Bria's uploaded some pictures so look out for those! 

I'm excited to work. There is so much to be done here and every day I feel an urgency like no other! There are people to find and teach, who need the Gospel more than ever. We have to find them and show them the way! I just love being here on a mission and I am astounded at how fast the time goes. There is just too much to do! But that isn't a bad thing :) We love the work. 

I love all of you!
Sœur Loder 

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