Monday, July 29, 2013


That's right, I can still speak English! Barely. I mix it up all the time and it's horrible. Most of the people in my ward speak English so they do it too. I'm sure to anyone listening from the outside it sounds ridiculous. 

Also, transfer calls are this week. I'm banking on one more transfer in Nice but send letters to the mission home just in case :)

So this week... nobody had cleaned our dead neighbor's apartment. It was terrible. Our guardian gave us some stuff to cover up the smell but it got to the point that they started smelling the same and all the chemical and body smell was making us sick. Elder Bria made some calls and we got direction from President Roney to pack our bags! They moved us into a four star hotel. WITH AIR CONDITIONING. It was heaven, and they gave us chocolate every day. And it smelled like fruit :) 

Also, they made us throw away all our food. So the bishop exhorted the ward to feed us each day and treat us like daughters. Yes, lunch and dinner appointments for a week! The ward was immediately in action and our schedule filled up the first night. I have had so much good food this week... really and truly. But I'm excited because I have eaten so much. I can't remember what it feels like to be hungry... we need a break. But what a ward! They love the missionaries here. I love them :) 

Honestly, the last couple of weeks had been terrible. Mean people and little success, then Friday happened. I met tons of really sweet people on the street (which never happens). I was pleading to Heavenly Father to just give me one person that would be nice to me... and walked up to a lady who put her hand in my face. I was like, what?! I just prayed for a nice person! I talked to several more people... but finally found my nice people. They are real! I love it. There was my little lesson for the week. He's just trying to let me know that I have to be patient. 

Friday we went to the Bria's home for dinner and they asked us to invite an ami. Awkwardly enough... we didn't have any. But we thought of an inactive member of our ward at the same time. We invited him over and over until he finally called and said he couldn't come. Bummer! But a member talked him into it and told him to take his friend... and he did. Elder Bria opens the elevator and says, good news... he wants to learn more! We had an amazing dinner and taught him a lot. He prayed. He is incredible. He is probably elect. He was at church and despite our members deciding to be crazy this week, he liked it and wants to come back :) Expect miracles! 

This week we have obviously spent a lot of time with members... and most of them are converts. All week I have listened to miraculous conversion stories from our best members and I was in awe. I want to be just like them! I love the members here and admire their strength so much. Some of them travel long distances just for church and hold down multiple callings. They are incredible people. Hard to find, but when you do, they stay faithful! I love it so much. Nice is miracle ville! 

We just moved back into our apartment... it's pretty hot. Someone finally cleaned it so it smells clean again! But I sure miss that air conditioning and chocolate :) Haha, it was a fun little vacation of sorts. 

I love you all!
Sœur Loder 

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