Monday, December 23, 2013


I'd like to start this e-mail by saying that our new assistant to the president is a convert and at our big Christmas zone conference we (we being not me) were singing kind of an obscure Christmas primary song and I was sitting awkwardly as usual and enjoying it. Shortly after he comes to me and says, "Were you totally lost during that primary song?" He gets me. That's why we're friends :)

So yeah! We had the BEST conference ever. Three zones all met in Bordeaux and had the cooloest meeting ever. It was fun to see everyone and eat and get packages but we started with President's son in law speaking to us. He recently lost a baby, he only lived a week (Elder Anderson mentioned it in his conference talk in October) and he talked about this whole experience. As he told the story I watched all the emotions on his face... reliving all of it. He spoke of how after the experience he and his wife feel full of hope. He said that suddenly everything seems a little brighter, even despite his loss. I was astounded by his strength and hope. If anyone wasn't crying, they weren't listening. They know they will see their sweet son again. THAT is the message we are sharing. Hope in a world full of sadness. Joy. Faith. All through Christ.

This week was full of knocking on doors. We had our share of adventures. Dogs and old ladies staring at us through the dark windows... straight out of a horror movie. During the day it feels like spring but as soon as the sun starts going down it turns to winter. It's insane. When I notice the sun going down I feel a little bit of panic because I know I'll be numb soon. I just love that! Haha, we haven't found a lot of interested people but a lot of nice people! One day :)

Not too much to report on. So many doors. And trains. But we're happy and excited for Christmas and Skype! We're also making crêpes Christmas morning... not that we don't make them a lot but we really like them so we're excited :)

Joyuex Noël à tous! Je vous aime :)

Sœur Loder 

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