Monday, December 16, 2013

Finding Joy.

This week I have hit a level of exhaustion I never knew was possible. My knees would not move and every step was a physical effort to go forward. I think everything was against us. A lot of our plans fell through... and then our backup plans fell through and we had a lot of, what now? type moments. All throughout the nights I was coughing instead of sleeping (it's under control now don't worry) and the weather goes from so warm you don't need a jacket to instant hypothermia.

My entire mission I have never struggled with motivation or not wanting to get up or not wanting to talk to people but in those moments on the street corners, not knowing what to do next, I really just wanted to stop. I learned something about perserverance though. I learned that even when you literally think you can't move or one more person waving their finger in your face might just be too much, giving yourself up to the work will always make you happier.

It might have taken 100 doors and only one person being nice to somehow make me smile or want to keep going and I'm not really sure the logic behind it, but WORK really works. When we forget about ourselves things always get better. The amount of desperate prayers I said in my heart this week is an astounding number, but I think of a quote from President Monson I love a lot, "When we look heavenward, we inevitably learn of our responsibility to reach outward."

Our week ended pleasantly with the ward Christmas party :) It was the most fun thing I have literally ever attended. Limoges ward knows how to do parties! I tried a lot of French Christmas food and I'd tell you about it but I really don't know what a lot of it was... a lot of salmon, I think. I avoided that :) It was a good experience though! I love this ward. We are blessed to spend Christmas here.

Anyway, nothing too exciting this week. We're happy in Limoges. We've learned a lot this week and we're excited to turn this one around. We're doing a lot of teaching. Don't hesitate to remember us and our amis in your prayers :)

I love you all!

Sr Loder

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