Monday, December 9, 2013


I'm happy to report that... I'm STAYING in Limoges with my companion. I could not be more pleased :) I'm so in love with this ville and I know the day I leave will be a sad one. But for now I'll be happy and work hard.

We had a CRAZY week. It started with Monday night. We met the elders at our amie's apartment to give her a Priesthood blessing since she was sick. However, our member wasn't there yet so the elders couldn't even go in yet. We call the member to find he is all the way across town at another person's house because he got the people mixed up... but the member he was with also needed a blessing. So. We jumped on a bus and ran across town, the elders gave her a blessing and spiritual thought, and then raced back across town to our amie and taught her and gave her the blessing and sang Christmas songs :) We also ran around like crazy people contacting because, as I said last week, we set a high goal.

Miracles. That is what this week was. And we knew it would be because opposition started immediately. I woke up Monday morning with NO voice. Nothing. But I kept going because there was no way I wasn't talking to people... and it was hard and miserable but we pushed through. I talked to a man in a parking lot and it was the shortest and most awkward contact I've ever had. I walked away thinking about how terrible that was, but ten minutes later he drives up and says, actually, what were you trying to say? We testified and told him what we do as missionaries. He was interested :) No effort to talk to God's children is wasted.

The number of people we met this week is astounding. People were touched by our bold testimonies. We got phone numbers. We got rdvs and we taught and we have two people on date for baptism in January and even more to follow :) We talked to 1009 of God's children this week and despite not having a voice, I've never felt happier. We reached our goal Saturday night (Sunday was too full, so we knew we had to work extra hard) and as soon as we got to about 950 my voice started coming back. Opposition in all things :)

Sunday we had dinner with our bishop and it was the BEST, but it was a sad day. Elder Ashton finally revealed his secret to the ward that it was his last Sunday on the mission. We went to the gare and waved goodbye as the train left. SO SAD. I do not like missionaries leaving but... it happens. His companion is staying so we're excited to keep the work going in Limoges :) I love it here.

I love you all. Never stop moving forward. Choose to be happy NOW. We don't have to be perfect, but we can always progress :) I love this Gospel.

Have a wonderful week!

Sr Loder

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