Monday, November 4, 2013


This has probably been one of the craziest weeks of my mission. I say that a lot but basically they just keep topping each other... let me tell you about it. 

I waited all day in Bordeaux with a temporary companion and we traveled all over and saw some pretty cathedrals (even though it was pouring down rain... that's Bordeaux for you). Finally Sister Magleby came and we jumped on a train back to Limoges. She is the BEST. A lot like me actually and ready to work so we jumped right in. 

So day two we are getting settled in and getting groceries and everything and we are heading back to our apartment. There are two elders that had just arrived with NOTHING in their apartment (no fridge, oven, microwave) so I decided to make them some curry and deliver it so they would have dinner after traveling all day. We're running behind and we go to change buses, and I see the one we need so we start running with our groceries and everything and the bus driver waited (because we're friends :) but as we were approaching our stop I realized the phone was gone even though I remembered putting it in my bag. Literally gone. Some lady and the bus driver helped us search everywhere but it was gone... we called and it rang, but no answer. 

So that was super bad, but the elders still needed dinner so we ran (literally) home, cooked and jumped back on a bus. I somehow found their apartment and we get to the door and all the names on the sonnerie are full... but no missionaries. And we didn't have a phone to call them so we were like, well we'll just have to try all of them. I pressed a button and I hear Elder Ashton say, good evening! MIRACLE. We just about cried we were so happy... and they really enjoyed their chicken curry. Elder Ashton says it was the best he's had. I'll take it. 

So yeah... we spent the whole next day without a phone and wandering and it was kinda scary! Wandering around France with no way to contact anyone, but the elders had to go back to Lyon so they left us with theirs and brought a new one back. Thankfully that is taken care of! We did keep trying to call our phone and eventually it was turned off... really sad. Elder Ashton sent a text, "On attend votre appel. Dieu aussi." That means, we're waiting for your call. God also. Haha! He's a funny kid. Whoever took our phone though... I'm mad at them. 

We planned a really packed week full of miracles... and our biggest day was insane. We had our miracles definitely (finding a less active family!) but it poured on us all day. Not just rained, POURED. Like, our feet would have been less wet if we had taken our shoes off and I don't know why we even bothered with an umbrella. We just wanted to show Satan that we weren't going to give up. 

Then yesterday, we realized our little cockroach problem is a big one. Sister Mag moved something on our shelf and babies... everywhere. We spent the evening catching them and disposing of them (mostly me, my comp is horrified of them) but we couldn't really control it so we talked to President about what to do. The elders are currently in our apartment pulling out everything and exterminating :) If I could hug them I would. I think I'll just buy them a pastry instead. 

Aside from the trouble, we were really happy. Halloween was fun! Lots of kids around dressed up and activities in the back alleys. We just smiled all day :) France is really cool, and now the Christmas lights are up! I guess nothing is stopping them since Thanksgiving isn't a thing here... but we're already planning a dinner so no big deal. We'll still celebrate :) 

I'm happy here. It rained on us again today but it's fine. We're still happy. This is really long, I think I'll stop now. I love you all! Happy November! The church is true! 

Sœur Loder :)

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