Monday, November 11, 2013

11 Novembre

It's a holiday here too, so everything in the world is closed. It's a big city but it's kind of like a ghost town as well. Kind of fun to wander the city and have no people around.

This week has been great. We got past our opposition (mostly) and just worked. The elders came back to clean our apartment again. They went Monday night and didn't believe us because they didn't find anything, but they came back and found a TON. It's a battle we will probably never win since it isn't our apartment. But I've gotten better at dealing with them so there's a plus.

It has rained EVERY single day this week. We have been so wet and cold all day, every day. It's fine though, all part of being a missionary. We also have traveled all weekend. We went to Bordeaux for a zone training, Brive for a musical night (we have a traveling missionary musical group now, they're all musical geniuses and we call them the Backstreet Boys) and then Angoulême for a baptism in our district. Crazy but SO fun to see people and hear good music and see a baptism :) I also got to play a flute. Felt like home :)

Currently we are kind of in a service battle with the elders. I don't think they know yet... but they do so much nice stuff for us we can't keep up! It's fun though :) I enjoy it. They are wonderful and take all the creepy men off our hands. Doesn't get better than that!

My fun part of the week was having a drunk guy start talking to us at a bus stop and get on the bus with us... then he keeps talking to me and I'm a missionary and trying to be Christlike, but he pretty much pins me in a corner and tells me I'm cute and asks me to come over. I was like, actually we can't but we have some friends that would probably like to see you. Then he almost falls (on me) and I escape but seriously. Very Christlike. I wanted to just punch him in the neck but I didn't :)

We have been really striving to see others as they are and as they can become. It has opened my eyes so much. It makes it easier to start that awkward conversation and talk to people and show them our love. My heart is so full of love for these people (even when they corner me on the bus) that I can't imagine giving up. I couldn't. I wouldn't. I love the work too much. I love the Savior too much and I'm trying to follow His perfect example :) I love this Gospel. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to share it.

I love you all, have a wonderful week!

Sœur Loder

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