Monday, November 25, 2013

500 Miles

There was a bus strike Saturday so we had to walk...everywhere. Including to the church which is REALLY far away. Then we had to walk home. I had literally worn holes in my shoes. Thankfully one of my favorite members took them and said he would fix them :) I love this ward! Anyway, that is the point of my title. We sang that song over and over with the six elders we had in town as we walked everywhere.

So yes, it snowed this week. THE biggest snowflakes I have seen ever. One hit Sœur Mag in the eye and almost took her down, hahaha. It was really fun. They are also testing out the Christmas lights in random parts of town so every night we're excited to see where! I can't wait until they ALL come on. This place will be a wonderland.

This last week we took a train out to a day full of service for an English family in our ward... and they have 19 horses. NINETEEN. We went out and met every one of them (mostly fjords and shetlands) and I got to groom them and play all day. The elders had to move wood all day :) I was in heaven. We had a big dinner and it was pretty much the coolest day EVER. They want be to come back and work with their horses. Don't mind if I do!

It has been the coolest weekend. We had stake conference and so a bunch of elders were staying with our elders here in Limoges. We got to work with them all weekend and it was AWESOME. They are all elders I respect so much so I got a front row seat to watching them work as we did a few hours of streetboarding. I have never laughed so hard either... missions are too fun. Elder Truman would just say hello to everyone so happily they would just laugh and couldn't help but talk to him. Hahaha, I was dying. Some lady yelled at me, but then a guy in a cowboy hat asked me for a Book of Mormon so I was okay. People are so interesting.

Limoges is on fire! The work here is incredible and we're on the verge of something amazing. I love this feeling. With Christ as our example and the angels on our right and left, there is no way we can fail. The missionaries here care so much and love their Savior and it shows. We work miracles here. We can't fear. Christ has overcome the world.

I love you all :) Have a wonderful week!

Sœur Loder

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