Monday, April 29, 2013

MTC Week #4

WEEK FOUR? I know. I wake up every day thinking, "What happened?" I even try to write in my journal every night and I can't even remember anything we did. I guess that makes journal time easier :)
So first off, the MTC revamped their entire schedule system so we got a whole new layout for our last two weeks. Our P-day switched to Monday... which so far has NOT turned out okay! We got up at 4:30 am and ran to do laundry because usually it is really crowded already... but there were maybe 10 people there and most of them were our district. Then we walked up to the temple, which was good but we were starving because we hadn't had breakfast yet. So we decide to just have temple breakfast (which is only the greatest breakfast that ever existed) but guess what? The temple cafeteria is closed on Monday. NOOO. So we went to the bookstore and had lunchables for breakfast? Not my first choice but we had a personal study picnic outside since the weather is so beautiful!
Saturday morning I wrote the date on something and realized it was ROLEX CROSS COUNTRY DAY :( I was hoping that I'd just be so caught up in everything that I wouldn't realize it was Rolex weekend which was true until it just clicked in my brain. I've been to Rolex for 10 years... I can't believe it! But if there's anything I would want to miss Rolex for, it would be a mission. PS anyone who went to Rolex, feel free to tell me everything about it. Okay thanks :)
So because  the schedule is changed, we are getting two new teachers. Huge bummer! One left for Texas and Sœur Scott is still working, but they decided to give us a new teacher anyway. Who is in charge of this nonsense!? It's really thrown our teaching off because we have had so many temporary teachers so we teach each of them as an investigator maybe twice? So basically we are professionals at teaching the Restoration but that's all... hopefully we can get some good teaching in before we head off to France.
Which by the way is TWO WEEKS from today. I can't even believe that.
This week Sœur Scott had us play a game where we have to draw a random word from a box and start talking to her as if she is a stranger on the street... using that word. It's called contacting. Anyway, everybody else had pretty okay words. Like sun or bike... but I draw my word and it's SOUP. So she's this old lady eating soup on a bus and she looks at me and says (in French by the way), "I like eating soup on the bus. Do you want some?" Yeah it was pretty hard because let's be honest, that's more funny than anything. But not as funny as E. Miser's word: Fishing. Which is pêchez. Coincidentally, "sin" is péche and they are pronounced the same way. So he tried to say, Where do you fish? It came out a little wrong. The best part... after E. Miser asks our teacher where she sins and we laugh she goes quiet and says, "C'est confidentiel!" It is confidential! Haaa. The best.
For Sunday, Sœur Richardson and I got to teach a lesson to our district on the Plan of Salvation. We did some discussion at first but then we decided to do a teaching experience where they would be teaching me, not as Sœur Loder but as Carson! I asked which two missionaries wanted to teach me and nobody volunteered and I was confused until later when someone said they were afraid to volunteer because I was staring them down really intensely. I don't mean to do that. Ha. Anyway, Sœur Anderson and E. Haskell got to teach me the second discussion and it was SO GOOD. Probably because it was in english and not French. :) I love playing investigator with my district... one, because I'm really good at it (obviously) and two, my district has a lot of really really good teachers. I just love them all.
Sœur Scott had my companion and I do sort of an impromptu lesson the other day and we were pretty worried because her character as an amie is kind of sassy! Haha, so we were nervous about teaching her. There weren't any teaching rooms open so we taught our lesson walking around the building. Our amie, Charité, was absolutely fascinated by the Book of Mormon and said to us, "My head thinks this is incredible, but my heart thinks it might be true" so we were like, YES! We went upstairs, found a room and prayed with her. Now, we know this is our teacher but after the prayer she tears up and we sit in a wonderful quiet for a few minutes when we bear testimony. Followed by an invitation to be baptized, which was accepted. It was probably the most incredible thing ever! I just love being a missionary.
Sunday was really nice. I just have the hardest time at Sacrament meeting because of the surprise talks! Our district made it through another reaping (get it?) so we were happy. Haha, so wonderful. We'll see what happens on our last Sunday.
Anyway, by request of Manoel, I'll keep this e-mail short. :) Okay, mostly kidding. This week was just fairly typical. Which is totally okay! But also not good for those who like writing extremely descriptive e-mails.
L'église de Jésus-Christ est VRAI! Son évangile est parfait, toutefois nous ne sommes pas parfaits. Grâce à Christ et son Expiation nous pouvons retourner à notre Père Céleste. L'œuvre missionaire est véritable et je l'aime.
Bon chance, mes amis!
Sœur Loder

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