Monday, April 8, 2013

Bonjour from the MTC!

Bonjour tout le monde!
Wow, what a week! Has it only been five days? I just love it here. Basically when the Jenkins dropped me at the curb, I said goodbye and ran inside! I was so ready to go and the process was so fast! They definitely have the check in system down, which I like. My nametag is so cute, and I already am totally in love with wearing it. It is my favorite! Because finally I can represent Christ as one of his sweet missionaries. It just doesn't get any better :)
So my district! We have four soeurs (I don't know where the French keyboard is, sorry) all going to Lyon and 6 elders all going to Paris. I just love them all! My companion is Soeur Richardson, who I actually knew already from our fun Facebook message with all the Lyon sisters. What a blessing! The soeurs are all so sweet and I just love the elders! They're hilarious but so amazing. Elder Tai is from Japan and actually already served six months in Tokyo because his visa took forever to come through! So he is a really cool addition to our district... and he already knows Chinese, Japanese and English. His French is coming along :) He said he will give us all Chinese names so I'm way excited about that! Haha, but my district decided we would play a game and guess each other's first names and Elder Tai had some crazy guesses. He guessed "crack" for me. Bieber for Soeur Anderson, Kevin for Soeur Richardson and my favorite... apocalypse for Elder Sikich. HAHA. And to top it off, the next morning I was eating a delicious MTC donut and Soeur Anderson says, "How's that donut, crack?" I love them already.
Let's see, the MTC is way fun. Kind of like college but probably a million times more spiritual! So our desks are rolling desks and our second day we are all studying like second day missionaries do and then this group of elders rolls down the hall all in a row and they're saying "row, row, row." I thought it was hilarious. Also hilarious, our teacher Brother Glenn. He speaks beautiful French! ... and has commanded us to speak "franglais" as much as possible. A mix between french and english. The language is coming. WAY faster than high school. Basically, the gift of tongues is real. Being in the cafeteria is so bizarre! All my friends are there so I feel right at home. Plus my soeurs like that I know all the secrets :)
I FOUND ANDREA! I was so excited. I searched for her all day and finally, one dinner, I spotted her across the cafeteria and RAN TO HER. It was so happy and I just love seeing her everywhere. Dutch is a crazy language and I'm going to take this opportunity to say that I am thankful for french. It truly is the language I'm supposed to speak. Ha. On Friday (our, second day?) we had to teach our "amie" or investigator, Alyse. All in French. WHAT. Well Soeur Richardson and I planned this awesome lesson and went in to teach her... and it completely fell apart. It was a really frightening thing. I was speaking French so eloquently and then I walk in and lose... everything. Not to mention she asked the hardest question ever! Something I couldn't even answer in English. So we spent the weekend pondering and praying for an answer and we found it! So we're excited to teach tonight.
Conference here was amazing! Then BYU Vocal Point did a really touching devotional where they would share a message and sing with us. I just love them all and it was exactly what I needed. Everybody always says "just make it to Sunday and you'll be fine" but honestly, I love it. Sunday was definitely recharging and really awesome, but I'm doing just fine and I'm happy. Je suis contente :)
Basically, this has been a great week. Just so you know, my P-day is Tuesday, but we have permission to e-mail today since tomorrow we have to go to San Francisco! What? Yeah, we have to go to the Consulate there and apply in person for our visas. So we get a day's adventure in California and it will be awesome! I'm pretty excited, because now I can say I've been coast to coast.
Anyway, it's amazing here. I love everyone and everything. The language is coming and hopefully teaching will come soon. We taught in English today and I was really good... so hopefully French will be just as great soon. Pray for that :) The best part is that your testimony is strengthened every SECOND! The Church is so true and Christ lives and LOVES us so much! What sweet doctrine. I love it and I love all of you.
I love being a missionary!
Soeur Loder :)

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