Thursday, March 28, 2013

Single Digits

You're free to listen to that song on repeat as you read this because it is so perfect! Cheery, happy, and wonderful. 

I got my mission call in December! The very beginning of December to be exact and I have had to wait so very long... but guess what? SINGLE DIGITS! That's right. 

It has been a long, cold and lonely winter but today it is warm and sunny. I wore a t-shirt and rolled the windows down (not all the way, but I'll take it). My windows are open in my room and although there is some snow still on the ground, there is enough grass that proportionally I am just pleased as a peach! 

Finally I can say next week. That brings a few emotions. The excitement of finally being a missionary and also the panic. But for the time being, I'm more excited than panicked. Yes, I am 100% excited about being a missionary for all of the missionary reasons, but here are some other reasons I am excited: 

1) I am hoping to be so excited about being a missionary that I no longer feel sad about Boyce Avenue coming to Utah in April... and the fact that I have to miss it. 

2) My roommate of 1.5 years is in the MTC and I miss her a lot... so seeing her will be happy. 

There were a lot to choose from, but this is the only picture I have of us that made me laugh so hard I cried.

3) Gas prices won't make me cry anymore. 

4) While I like Facebook for fun and practical things, I'm happy that I won't have to deal with it for a long time. Too many pointless and uneducated arguments and insults over opinions. It keeps me up at night. 

5) I get to be the one that is "too busy to write back" ... for 8 months. I love to write letters, but karma is real. #suckstosuck 

6) For almost four months I have had almost nothing to do except watch Scrubs, 30 Rock, Scrubs again, White Collar, Glee, New Girl and the Office. Oh, and Spongebob. I'm happy to say that here soon I'll always have something to do. 

7) Pants are stupid. I can't wait to wear skirts all day. Skirts are as close as you can get to no pants o'clock without offending people. 

8) That being said, I'll actually have a reason to get dressed every day... honestly, today is the first day that isn't a Sunday that I have actually put on make up. I haven't gotten back into actually trying to make my hair look okay. I'll start that tomorrow. 

9) I'm looking forward to comparing how it is to be a missionary to being in college. Aside from always having to be with your "roommate" and no Youtube (among other things) and wearing a name tag and maybe more rules (I lived in Heritage with a very keen RA, so I know what rules are)... it can't be that different. Unhealthy food and laundry days. Classes. Staring at the Y when I'm outside. Plus I worked at the MTC. It'll be just like the good old days! Just less greasy. 

10) I actually have a legitimate reason to ignore boys that I don't want to talk to! As a normal college girl, I guess I'm fair game. But stick that name tag on and when someone shows interest I'm not rude, I'm just obedient.

Needless to say, being a missionary is going to be awesome. Hard? Yes. But totally worth it. Being a convert, I am so excited to be on the other side. Teaching the doctrine that was being taught to me just 3.5 years ago! Cool. 

Since I said why I'm excited about being a missionary, here are some things I'll miss: 

Chipotle. English. Google. My cat waking me up every morning by sitting on my chest (maybe my companion will do that for me). Ridiculous nail polish colors. My car (aka freedom). Working. Ke$ha. Food recipes on Pinterest. Creeping on everybody's mission calls. Wearing my Spongebob hat. Eating brownies from the pan every night with my roommate (those summer... niiiiiights). Blah blah blah a million other things and photo booth so we can dress up like boys and make videos.

Click here if you're interested.

But the blessings of missionary work far outweigh the things I'll miss... and thankfully I get to come home to them all in just 18 months! I have my whole life to re-fall in love with Chipotle every week, but only a short amount of time to serve as a missionary. I'm so ready. Five days!

The Church is true and the book is blue! (L'Eglise est vrai et le livre est bleu!) 

Of course in English it rhymes so I'll stick with that one :) Bonne chance! 

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