Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Shack

That's just what we're calling out apartment since, well, it's February. You have to have fun with it, right? Right. Let's see. I guess it's still winter... but it's almost 60 degrees. The perfect temperature for riding... and I'm dying. I NEED to ride a horse really soon or I might just throw a little kid fit until someone goes out of their way to find me a horse. Yeah. It's that bad.

After Christmas, Joanna and I made our three-day road trip from Ohio to Provo. While long, it was bearable and even enjoyable sometimes. Until we listened to every album and musical I had on my iPod and THEN had to drive through Nebraska... getting to Colorado and spending New Years with Emily there was way fun! I was ready to see the Y on the mountain again, though. Coming through the last break in the mountains was an ecstatic moment for me. I can't even describe my joy upon seeing the temple and knowing that, finally, we made it.

A few weekends later, our FHE group had the chance to go up to Boise and spend a weekend with Seth and his family. So fun! Basically, we played the whole time and then cried when he gave his talk. Saying goodbye is hard, but it was an incredible weekend. Plus, we saw a picture of him in Africa and he looks SO happy there. =]

Watching the sunset at Table Rock. Our last weekend with Seth. 
Classes have been busy, but we've all been pretty motivated lately. Midterms are killer, but we're making it through, and hey... at least we still have legs. The OTHER way exciting thing is that all the boys are getting mission calls! There are announcements left and right. Let's see...

Firstly, Seth is already in Ghana. We love him. 
Derrick: Melbourne, Australia - Mandarin speaking 
Derek: Cuiabá, Brazil - Portuguese speaking 
Colin: Cali, Columbia - Spanish speaking 
Klayton: Taichung, Taiwan - Mandarin speaking 
Dallin: Manaus, Brazil - Portuguese speaking 

I can't wait to hear about the rest! 

Our FHE group is currently playing a game called assassin. Basically, we all draw names (girls of boys, and vice versa) and they are your "target." Of course, you are also somebody's target. The way to kill is to get a clothespin on them. Fun? Definitely. But the fear and paranoia are real. Maybe that's just because I'm very competitive, but still. Walking around campus, people probably think I just robbed a store. 

Some intimidation pictures that Andrea and I took for the boys. Striking fear into the hearts of many.

We actually just finished up the first round. I'd say that Andrea and I are the master assassins! Dallas and Klay went first, then Jared, Derrick, Dallin... then Colin. I'd say the girls won this round, but we're starting another one soon and the boys are coming back with a vengeance. It should be exhilarating.

The other night we put together the BEST FHE ever. It was Survivor! Brea, Andrea and I planned some crazy games and it was so fun! Seriously. We went all out with decorating the apartment and putting together activities. It was the most fun I've had in such a long time. Love it! 

Yellow team!
Red team! 


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