Monday, September 15, 2014


Gosh, already week two. 

For those of you who remember, I marked every week as week two in my planner. Usually I'm really bad at tricking myself but this seems to be working out pretty well for me :) 

So this week we had zone conference in Bordeaux where we got to hear from Elder Ballard (an apostle!) and he gave us some really incredible instruction and promises. One of the things that stuck out to me the most is that, basically, the attitude we have shows how much we love the Lord. It says something like that in Preach My Gospel too, but it is so true. If we get up with a happy heart then we know that we are putting our faith in Him and that we love Him :) So yeah, lots of other things but that one was my favorite! 

It was cool because it was a four zone conference (usually it is only one or three zones) and there were so many missionaries there that I love love love with all my heart! It was perfect because well, at your last zone conference you bear your last testimony. All the departing missionaries do it. We were all sitting up front and the elders had gone (four elders and four sisters) and I was the first sister. I felt okay until the moment I was standing up to go to the mircophone. In those five steps, the reality of everything kind of hit me in the face. I don't remember what I said. But I didn't cry until after so let's just say it went pretty well. It was a really good conference.

Unfortuntely almost every single person we were supposed to see this week did not come to our rdvs so that isn't very nice. It is kind of hard to plan so carefully for things just to have people never come and never answer the phone... it doesn't make you feel very good. It turned out to be a really good week and we still taught lots and lots but it was quite exhausting. We went back down to Ax les Thermes and it was kind of... rough. We had a potential there that never found us and she was really offended by it so we walked over to our amie who was going to be baptized a few weeks ago and we learned that she has gone backwards. It was a really hard rdv. She drilled us with questions and as we answered them she didn't believe us and we left just feeling really sad. She came to church this week... I was surprised after all the things she said to us. Hopefully she can feel something. But there isn't a lot we can do except love her. She has to make the choice now. 

The elders baptized a really awesome lady this weekend. She is really close with all the missionaries and her baptism was awesome :) Sr Hiltunen played piano for E Liechty and I. We sang a nice song for her and her baptism was just so nice :) Even if the ward is difficult the Lord is still blessing us to find the people who are ready. I love Toulouse! Even if all the members are all telling me I look awfully tired these days. I'm not surprised. It's all good :) 

I love you all! 

Sr Loder

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