Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Official...

I'm a college kid! I just finished my first day of classes and it was so unlike anything else I have ever experienced. First off, I've run into Derek several times and I kind of feel like the odds are against that happening. Still, it's always happy to run into people and get to talk to them. 

All my teachers so far seem AMAZING. They're fun, spiritual, helpful and just really happy people in general. We opened classes with a prayer and discussed things like Joseph Smith and scriptures within the lessons. We also listened to some Lady Gaga and talked about how chocolate and music are similar. It's all supposed to be the dopamine, but another benefit is that they both work on girls. So true.

Campus doesn't seem very intimidating anymore and I can even find my way back to my dorm without having to "walk towards the Y on the mountain." By the way, I can see the Y from my bedroom window. Nice view. 

Other than that, everything is amazing! I got to see Divine Comedy and watch Tangled on a 40 foot screen (while eating our new ice cream: BYU Brownie). Our FHE boys brought us brownies which were REALLY good, so it looks like it's going to be a sweet time here in Provo. 

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  1. I couldnt be happier to see you are adjusting very well to your new home. Enjoy every second of it :-) Keep posting so i can keep up. <3 you